At Sali Blockchain & Crypto Regulations, we offer a range of legal services to meet the needs of our clients.

Crypto & Blockchain businesses and other MiCA-regulated entities mandate us to set up their structure in the Netherlands and EU wide.

MiCA or the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation is a regulatory framework adopted by the European Union (EU) for crypto assets. One of the key components of MiCA is the Crypto Asset Service Provider (CASPs) licensing, which requires businesses operating with crypto assets to obtain a license from the relevant authorities in their respective member states. Crypto Assets also must comply with their own set of requirements from legal entity established in the EU to whitepaper and registration with the home regulator before ICO, IDO or any form of Public Sale.

Our regulatory opinions are designed to help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape surrounding crypto and blockchain technology, and ensure that your business remains compliant with all relevant regulations and guidelines at all times. Contact us today to learn more about how our legal experts can provide the guidance and analysis you need to make informed business decisions for a lawful growth in the EU.
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Crypto Asset Service Providing
This is one of the key components of MiCA, and it requires businesses operating with crypto assets to obtain a licence from the relevant authorities in their respective member states. We take this legal requirement very seriously and we help our clients register the whitepaper of their crypto assets, helping them to get issued and listed on a crypto exchange.
AML/KYC Protocols
Our law firm offers a tailored AML/KYC process creation service to ensure your business complies with governing regulations, including MiCA, AMLD5, PSD2, EMI2, FATF Recommendations, Travel Rule, and preparation for AMLD6.
Blockchain System Audits
We provide independent audits of cryptocurrency transactions and holdings to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. It is not rare when legislation around blockchain and crypto assets demand market participants or startups to provide a systems audit performed by a professional and independent third party in order to receive the regulator’s endorsement as license or exemption.
Crypto Travel Rule
The Travel Rule for crypto assets states that any crypto transaction that crosses a specific threshold must be accompanied by the personal information of the customer. Additionally, VASPs must sanction screen the counterparty customer and perform due diligence on the counterparty VASP.
Regulatory & Legal Opinions
Our legal team specializes in providing detailed analysis and guidance on complex regulatory issues related to crypto and blockchain technology. We offer regulatory opinions on a range of topics, including the categorization of tokens as utility or security tokens, as well as other crypto assets such as NFTs, asset-referenced tokens, electronic money tokens, and significant e-money tokens.
VFA Act Registration
We are well versed in the Virtual Financial Assets Act of Malta, which governs the regulation of virtual tokens and virtual financial assets. We also offer guidance on the Financial Instrument Test for the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).
MiCA Whitepaper for Crypto Assets in the EU
We offer whitepaper creation services to assist you in drafting clear and comprehensive documents that accurately reflect your business objectives and comply with applicable regulations. Our experienced legal team is well-versed in the latest regulations, including MiCA and the Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFA). We can assist with drafting clear and comprehensive whitepapers that accurately reflect your business objectives and comply with applicable regulations.
Policy Drafting and Review
We can help you develop and review policies related to European regulations around crypto and blockchain technology, including inter alia conflict of interest policy, data privacy in line with the GDPR, cybersecurity, and AML/KYC.
Crypto Events
Are you looking to organize a crypto European industry event? We can organize it alongside some of the most respected voices in the field.
Fintech Licensing (PSD2 & EMI2)
We support FinTech companies in obtaining the necessary licenses to operate in the EU and comply with MiFID, EMI2, PSD2 and other regulations at stake.
Internal Risk Control Mechanisms
Our team assists startups and scaleups in designing and implementing internal risk control mechanisms that meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices from hands-on experience with most financial regulators of Europe and beyond.We advise you how to develop and review the internal risk control mechanisms of your financial institution or FinTech, or crypto asset service provider (CASP) business. Our advise follows and implements the latest scrutiny and annual feedback of each EU regulator.
External Risk Control Systems Audit
We provide comprehensive audits of risk management systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. As Ex-Euronext, our Managing Partner has gained experience with internal audits of large financial institutions, such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Nord Pool.
Stock Exchange Listings / Becoming a trading member of an exchange
We can help you get listed on several European exchanges, including Euronext (the largest stock exchange of Europe).
Lobby & Ambassador Programmes
If you are trying to influence current legislation we can help you with extensive lobbying efforts and strategy creation.
Legal Tax Advice (Corporate and Individual Crypto Taxes)
Our Lead on EU and Dutch Tax Law is an expert in finding the most suitable solution to his clients who are individuals, companies and corporations form the Netherlands and other European jurisdictions. Tailored tax advice is key in growing your business.
Alternative Investment Fund
Our expert has already set up multiple alternative investment funds (AIF) as per AIFMD. In the Netherlands, you may even benefit from the light regime provided by the local regulator. With our expertise, your fund will be structured and set up in seamless and secure manner for your investors.