The finest legal specialists, or as we call them "Our Team"
Managing Partner
Sadri Sali
As one of the first Blockchain-focused LL.M. holders (Thesis: The next-generation Regulation on Markets in Crypto-Assets: stablecoins and CASPs in the context of the AML framework) – Sadri founded Sali Blockchain & Crypto Regulations in order to establish trust in an industry that helped him develop himself as a person, professional and as an investor – the Cryptocurrency markets.

With hands-on experience with Euronext (the largest stock exchange of Europe and the fourth largest in the world), various EU regulators, a Maastricht and Utrecht law education, he is adequately prepared to cater crypto businesses for the EU regulatory framework. He is adequately equipped with the know-how to provide top executives with international solutions recognized by every jurisdiction in blockchain and cryptocurrency matters.

His final aim is clear: to educate stakeholders and create trust between Crypto Asset Service Providers, regulators and the general public interested in blockchain technology and crypto assets.
Attorney At Law (Of Counsel)
Remus Cosmin Carstoiu
As an attorney specialising in cryptocurrency and blockchain law, I provide strategic legal guidance to companies navigating the complex digital asset landscape.

My services encompass: – Comprehensive ICO, IEO, and STO compliance solutions – Cryptocurrency offering documentation (Whitepapers, Legal Opinions, Terms & Conditions) – Token sale agreements, including SAFTs and Vesting schedules – Risk mitigation policies and disclosure statements for token offerings
Tax Lawyer (Of Counsel)
Tijmen Meijer
I’m Tijmen. My expertise deals with the thorough navigation of the complex world of traditional and crypto-asset taxes in the Netherlands. With expertise in the banking and audit industries, I carefully optimize the tax liability of my clients at both personal and corporate levels.
Corporate and Trust Lawyer (Of Counsel)
Martyna Musielewicz
Experienced commercial lawyer with 6 years of international expertise in Poland, the Netherlands, and Spain. Specializing in commercial law, IP, and new technologies, including blockchain. Daily advising businesses, particularly startups, in English, Polish, and Spanish. My direct expertise ranges from advising NFT marketplaces for fractional ownership of BTC miners running on sustainable energy to institutional-grade bitcoin mining for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors. Let’s connect to discuss how I can assist your crypto business.

Corporate & Blockchain Lawyer (Of Counsel)
Dr. Süleyman Kıran
Süleyman Kıran has a PhD in commercial law. He has academic studies in many areas of commercial law.

He serves as the vice president of the Blockchain and Crypto Assets Association in Turkey. He has been working on blockchain and crypto asset law for a long time.

He provides consultancy support to crypto asset service providers and blockchain projects, especially crypto asset exchanges.
Corporate and Trust Lawyer (Of Counsel)
Marlon Marquis
Mr. L. Marlon Marquis is a task oriented individual with wide ranging academic, work and social experiences.

"This gives me the advantage of performing effectively in diverse settings and satisfactorily completing multiple and at times unrelated duties. My past experiences and current interests afford me, as an owner, Director and Regulatory Compliance Professional, the ability to understand the business and regulatory sides of the financial services sector.

I have over fifteen years in senior management positions at various financial services entities in the BVI and Cayman Islands. Along with this strong background, I hold degrees in law and accounting, as well as diplomas and certificates in trust administration, regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering and other financial crime prevention.

Outside of my profession, my interests include studying history and understanding its correlation to current actions, immersing myself in new cultures including national dishes and learning interesting tidbits on and in various subjects. I love family and genuine friends, appreciate good humor and enjoy Sunday afternoon football."
Social Media Manager
Olasubomi Odutan
I’m Olasubomi, the product marketing & brand management professional at SBCR, with 3 years of experience leading marketing initiatives online and offline. Passionate about facilitating growth through marketing, particularly building communities, my results range from web2 to web3. I have grown social media pages by over 300%, built a product user base to over 250% active users in a matter of months, mediated brand partnerships, and executed successful value-creation projects within the blockchain legal field.
Legal Intern
Parmida Afshari
Holder of an LL.M in Technology Law from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, with a specialization in the legal intricacies of blockchain technology. My thesis, "How can EU antitrust law protect Web3 from the operational vulnerabilities induced by their dependence on Web2 cloud services?", exemplifies my expertise in navigating complex legal frameworks to safeguard emerging technologies. With fluency in the technical aspects of Web3, I am dedicated to advancing the blockchain ecosystem by ensuring legal protections that foster innovation.