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Sali Blockchain & Crypto Regulations
We are an Amsterdam-based law firm that takes pride in understanding the worldwide blockchain technology regulatory landscape. We help our clients establish, launch, optimize, and stay compliant in their tokenization journey.
Sadri Sali - Managing Partner
I believe that the best lawyers in any main field are not those who study the latest regulations but the ones that help create them. We are here to ensure your business adheres to all applicable laws, particularly those that could pose significant regulatory and reputational risks.
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Client testimonials:
"The entire team at Sali Law Group is exceptional at providing tailored legal advisory for creative projects in emerging industries.

They stand out as a legal frontrunner in navigating the complexities of the MiCA and the crypto AML regulatory landscape. They provided us (Ethernity Cloud) with invaluable guidance and expertise in ensuring compliance with the complex regulations governing the crypto and blockchain industries.

Best piece: the legal whitepaper for the MFSA authorization and liaising with the relevant authorities and stakeholders on both a personal and professional level to safeguard the business.

In every aspect of their service delivery, they had an intense focus on results, and they were fixated on achieving optimal outcomes for our company. They exhibited unparalleled legal creativity and innovative solutions to our legal challenges.With an unwavering commitment to being fiduciary to us, it was evident that they prioritised our interests.
I wholeheartedly recommend Sali Law Group to any organisation seeking expert legal counsel in the crypto and blockchain spaces. We are much more confident in our legal framework because of their outstanding service.

Their expertise makes them an invaluable partner. In a nutshell, SBCR and mainly Sadri supported our successful listing and launch from the EU, BVI, and beyond."
"As regulators make it increasingly difficult to work towards financial democracy and freedom with DUCATA, Sadri, together with his team and network, helps us navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Sadri is essential for achieving our goals by setting up our international company structure, applying for a MiCA licence, and setting up and managing our KYC and AML processes."
"I've had the pleasure of Collaborating closely with Sadri over the past year, and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a corporate, tax, and crypto advisor. His exceptional expertise in Fintech, corporate finance and tax intricacies ensures regulatory compliance and optimizes financial efficiency. Additionally, Sadri's profound knowledge in the crypto space sets him apart as a trusted advisor, offering forward-thinking insights for informed decision-making. His clear communication style fosters a collaborative environment, and his dedication to client satisfaction is evident in delivering tailored solutions. Collaborating with Sadri has been a pleasure, and I look forward to the continued collaboration and success we may bring to each client."
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